Food Chemistry & Agricultural Chemistry

The discipline that takes care of the important role in expanding the nation’s food supply is agricultural and food chemistry. Basic research or applied research and development are the two categories that shape this department. The one which understands the biological and chemical processes by which crops and livestock grow is Basic research. Applied research uses the knowledge gained from basic research to discover ways to improve the quality, quantity, and safety of agricultural products. Be it crop and animal production, food safety, quality, nutrition, processing, packaging, and utilization of materials, agricultural and food chemists delve into all aspects that help their common goal to produce sufficient nutritious food and feed to support the population in a sustainable way while being responsible towards our environment and ecosystem

  • Fertilizers and chemicals
  • Food packaging & preservation
  • Food quality, integrity, and safety
  • Food science & technology
  • Chemical reactions in food
  • Methodologies and applications in food analysis
  • Plant protection and fertilization
  • Plant & animal bio technology
  • Risk/benefits evaluation of food components

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